Why Imperfection is the New Perfection

A few weeks ago, I attended a music marketing workshop here in good ol’ Nashville. Before the workshop, I went online to check out the guy’s website and clicked on a video promoting his new paid seminar.

It was the WORST video I have ever seen.

The video consisted of him doing a voiceover over the still image of his seminar promotional flyer. For the whole 5 minutes, there was nothing but the flyer and him talking. Then his cell phone rang in the audio. I was afraid for a second that he was going to pick it up! Alas, he just said something about it and silenced the ringer. But he definitely didn’t edit anything out or make any slight effort to release a polished marketing video.

I thought: What is this guy doing??

When I arrived at the workshop, there were at least 40 people there eager to learn from him and all the seats were filled plus some. I couldn’t believe it. Over the past 6 years of running my own businesses, I have worked INCREDIBLY hard to make sure all my marketing, advertising and promotions are polished and professional and here’s this guy putting out something half-assed that attracts clients and makes him 6-figures a year (according to him, that is)!

That’s when it hit me—imperfection is the new perfection. We have reached an era in which it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to create a video, release a book or send out a newsletter. You don’t need a marketing agency to promote your product or service. Anyone with a computer can create their own do-it-yourself promotions for little to no cost…which means there’s no need to strive for perfection any more. When money isn’t on the line, there’s no financial risk for you to put something imperfect out there and just cross your fingers.

Although I personally would not recommend releasing a promotional video like this guy’s, at the same time, I think it makes customers/clients feel engaged because it’s as if they’re getting behind-the-scenes access to him. This guy is your buddy. He’s your friend. Your cell phone rings, his cell phone rings. You’re excited about your music, he’s excited about your music and helping you promote it. His marketing isn’t some kind of clean, refined façade of who he actually is. Instead, what you see on his website is what you get in person. He’s “real”. And because he is “real”, you can easily trust him. And because you can trust him, you feel good about giving him your money.

When clients or customers see any branch of your marketing—website, videos, podcast, flyers, etc—they want to feel engaged with you. Almost like they have the inside scoop on you, your business and your life. Once again, I DO NOT recommend releasing half-assed marketing material, but I do recommend putting a personal—almost “imperfect”—touch to it. When you come off as too perfect, customers will inevitably pick up on this and it might register on their “bullshit” or “fraud” meters.

The bottom line is, don’t appear to be a different person online than in person when you’re doing your business marketing. Always strive to be the best version of yourself in both situations and make sure your fantastic, one-of-a-kind, sexy (and slightly imperfect) personality always comes through!


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