The Power of a Video Testimonial

Last year, I decided to shoot a few video testimonials of my clients to put on my health coaching website. I chose four of my favorite clients who were currently in my program and asked if they were willing to share their success stories and their thoughts about what it was like to work with me. Each one of them happily agreed (despite the image40fact that a few were a little nervous to be on camera). After a few weeks of shooting, I edited and combined all the video clips into one 3-4 minute testimonial video and launched it at the end of last year on the front page of my website.

At first, I just thought it would just make a good addition to my site and help potential clients understand what I do as a health coach. But soon after I posted the video, I realized that it was doing much more.

The first thing I noticed was that I started to receive emails from random people who wanted to work with me.  Up until that point, I had only gotten clients from (1) a referral, or (2) a workshop. In other words, I had never signed on a client who didn’t meet me in person or get a direct referral to me. After the video went live, people who I had no connection with were contacting me with interest in my program. Although I still only receive a few random emails here and there, that was something that NEVER happened before.

The second thing I observed was that my video was pre-selling my services to potential clients. Before the video, a client would come into my office for a free session and we would discuss their situation and how my program could help them reach their health goals. No matter how well I “sold” the program, it still seemed to be abstract to them and many people left saying “I’ll think about it” or “I have to ask my husband” or some other vague explanation of why they’re not choosing to work with me. After launching the video, potential clients were making up their mind that they wanted to work with me before even stepping foot in my office. My conversion rate of paying clients skyrocketed. I went from having to “sell” to people to just having to sign them up with little (if any) hesitation.

Showing your potential customers or clients “social proof” that other people like your products or services is critical for growing your business, but for some reason, just having written testimonials on my website (which I’ve always had) wasn’t powerful enough to affect my business in any significant way.

Video is an incredibly powerful tool that anyone can utilize these days. I highly recommend that you find a way to effectively incorporate it into your business website. First and foremost though, if you don’t have any social proof on your website, it’s time to get some. (On that note, if you like my blog, shoot me an email and tell me!) Ask your clients and customers to give you a results-based testimonial about your business. If you can do video testimonials, even better.

One video changed the whole dynamic of my business. It changed who contacted me, how many people wanted to work with me and my client conversation rate. That’s the power of video. And that’s the power that you can easily harness to take your business to the next level.


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