The 3 Critical Things Your Coaching Website Needs

Last night, I had a dream that I was working with a coach to help her set up her coaching business. Specifically, her coaching website.

(Just for the record — I have now literally created my dream coaching business… Ba dum bum!)

Unfortunately, dream coaching isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This coach was completely stubborn. She was 100% certain that once she launched her coaching website, that clients would be tripping over each other to work with her.

As a marketing coach, I was trying to convince her that there was a little more to it than that. I even shared with her my stellar lemonade stand analogy….

Say you set up a lemonade stand on a remote tropical island in the middle of the ocean. Yes, it’s sweltering. Yes, you have the best lemonade on the planet. Yes, people would pay good money for your lemonade.

BUT….The problem is that (1) no one knows you’re there — there are no bridges that lead to your tiny island and your coordinates are not on the flight path, and (2) it isn’t obvious you sell lemonade when they get there — your signage is unclear or nonexistent.

Therefore, how much lemonade do you think you’ll sell??

Answer = Probably not a drop.

Same for your website, as I was telling this coach in my dream. Without any links or traffic, your website is going to get lost in the middle of the Internet ocean among the billions of other sites.

Even if people do find your website, most coaching websites poorly communicate what the coach does or how they help their clients. So visitors immediately bounce off and go somewhere else.

The dream was going well and I woke up right when this stubborn coach had an “ah-ha” moment, thinking how brilliant I was. Then I quickly realized brilliance doesn’t count when you’re coaching fathom clients. Oh well.

So I thought I’d share my insights with YOU (someone slightly more tangible)…

If you want your coaching website to bring you more clients, there are 3 critical things you need:

#1: Traffic

If no one is visiting your website, then obviously it’s not helping you land more clients (even if it’s the most beautifully designed website on the planet).

The #1 way I’ve found to get traffic to my website is to write guest posts on other high-traffic blogs and websites. When they link back to your site, it creates a “bridge” that visitors can travel to get there and learn about your business.

To get started, check out: The Ultimate List of Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

#2: Clarity

When someone lands on your website, if it’s not clear how you can help them in the first 5-7 seconds, they won’t hang around.

The way to grab people’s attention is to write a clear and compelling headline at the very top of your homepage. None of this “Hi my name is Jane Doe and I’m a life coach” stuff. No one cares.

Don’t talk about you — talk about YOUR IDEAL CLIENT and what THEY want.

Check out this awesome article to get some ideas: No-Nonsense Guide to Writing Online Headlines

#3: Opt-in

You don’t just want website visitors, you want CLIENTS. To turn visitors into clients, you need to capture their email addresses.

Some crazy percentage (like 95%) of people who visit your website will never return UNLESS you get their contact information. So that should be your website’s primary function if you want to stay in touch with visitors and eventually sell them your coaching services.

On your website homepage, place the opt-in for your email list above the fold (i.e. in a place where you don’t have to scroll down to see it) and encourage all your visitors to sign up.

Here’s an example of a coach who does this well: Single to Smitten
(Note: If I were coaching her in my dream, I’d tell her to put an irresistible headline at the top, too.)

Websites are nice and pretty and everything, but if yours doesn’t help you get more clients, what’s the point?

When you craft your website to act as a sales tool that funnels prospects into your business, you’re going to end up one happy coach because you’ll have REAL flesh-and-blood clients (and not have to settle for coaching people in your dreams).

Want more tips on how to improve your website? Read on!

Does Your Website Have What it Takes to Sell Your Services?

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