PC 023: How to Answer the Question “What is Coaching?”

We’re doing more Q&A this week and answering questions from the members of the ICF community. This question comes from Laura Reichert in North Carolina. She asks:

What is life coaching? Seriously I know, you know and the ICF knows but potential clients are scratching their heads. I find it difficult to answer this question in 30 seconds.

Great question! I find that this is a huge stumbling block for many coaches out there.

If you’re constantly having trouble communicating what you do as a coach, your prospects aren’t going to “get it.” And when they don’t “get it”, they’re definitely not going to pull out their credit cards and beg to become your next high-paying clients.

In order to begin to magnetize clients to you, you need to be able to explain what you do as a coach in a way that’s clear, powerful, and relevant. Listen to this episode to learn exactly how to master this!

In This Episode:

  • How to explain life coaching to your prospects in a way that makes them want to immediately book a session with you
  • The real answer people’s are looking for when they ask the question “What is life coaching?” (that you need to know to effectively communicate the value of what you do as a coach)
  • Why your prospects actually don’t care what a life coach does — and what you can say to make them care
  • Can you explain coaching the same way you would voodoo? (You’d be surprised)
  • The #1 rule to follow when explaining what you do

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