PC 011: How To Charge Premium Prices For Your Coaching

PC 010: How To Charge Premium Prices For Your CoachingFarnoosh Brock quit a cushy six-figure job and started a coaching business. How do you replace that level of income via coaching?

Charge a lot of money for your coaching.

And how to do that is exactly what we talk about on this episode of ProCoach Podcast

In This Episode:

  • The first step to start charging for your coaching services
  • How to come up with a price for your coaching services
  • Getting comfortable asking for more money
  • Are you coaching people for free? This may be your biggest stumbling block to getting paid…
  • Transitioning free coaching clients to paid coaching clients
  • Making the leap from beginner coach to “high-end” coach
  • What raising your prices for coaching looks like…
  • Why charging per hour may is a bad idea (and how to sell a “flat rate” coaching option)
  • Getting results for your coaching clients — what do “good” results look like?
  • The first thing you should do when working with a coaching client
  • How long does it take to sell high-dollar coaching services?
  • Knowing if a potential coaching client is right for you…
  • Why it’s difficult to say no to a potential coaching client who wants to hire you, but isn’t the right fit
  • Sharing business (and clients) with other coaches — why this is a good idea
  • Do you have a fear of high-dollar clients?
  • The best way to learn to sell high-dollar coaching services
  • New at coaching? Getting your first 10 clients…
  • Moving your coaching business from from average (or below-average) to awesome
  • Making sure you don’t get stuck as a “low-end” coach
  • Why coaches should have coaches
  • Running group programs to maximize your coaching income
  • The “secret” payoff of group programs
  • Advice for creating coaching products to sell
  • Product design advice — what coaching clients want
  • How long does a good product take to create?

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