PC 009: Can A “Guarantee” Help You Sell More Coaching?

PC 009: Can A "Guarantee" Help You Sell More Coaching?Get paid first. That’s “Rule #1” when it comes to many service-based businesses and most coaches.

Neil Bondre does things differently… And his method of collecting money after he’s worked with them has allowed him to build a thriving coaching business, working with clients to help them find new employment and get into medical school.

On this episode of ProCoach Podcast, I talk with Neil about why getting paid after the work is done makes sense for some coaches. Does it make sense for you? Listen up…

In This Episode:

  • Why charging people after a coaching session is better for you as a coach
  • The 3 benefits of a short “test” call with clients
  • What makes a good coaching client
  • Client “Red Flags” you should watch out for
  • How how to “close” 90% of your potential clients
  • Seeing the potential in clients who need help (and making sure you don’t pick clients who can’t be helped)
  • Are you coaching yourself out of a job?
  • Keeping in touch with coaching clients after you work together is done
  • Specific ways to followup with coaching clients
  • Getting feedback from coaching clients

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