PC 006: Facebook Live For Coaches

PC 006: Facebook Live For CoachesFacebook is more than just cat photos, videos of police violence, and political rants. If you know how to use it the right way, it can be a powerful tool for connecting with people and growing your coaching business.

On this episode of ProCoach Podcast, Jennifer Trask returns to talk about how she uses Facebook Live to connect  with people get more coaching clients.

In This Episode:

  • 5 different ways to use Facebook Live to grow your coaching business
  • How (and why) people buy coaching
  • Need more people on your mailing list? How to do it using Facebook Live…
  • What you need to do right now (while you’re listening to this podcast) in order to take advantage of Facebook Live
  • Two ways to organize a “Q&A Session” via Facebook Live
  • What to do is nobody is watching your Facebook Live event
  • A trick radio DJs use to get people to interact with you
  • The “New York Times” rule of social media
  • Snapchat
  • Balancing good content with the ego stroke that comes from broadcasting live on social media
  • Making sure the content you release via social media is useful to people
  • Is your content helpful to people? A question to ask yourself before you release it…
  • Transitioning potential clients you meet on Facebook to actual clients who pay you money for coaching
  • The right way to use Facebook Groups to promote your coaching business
  • What gives a post on social media value?
  • Avoiding the “timesuck” of Facebook while still using it to help your coaching business (and help other people)
  • The self-sabotaging behavior of coaches (and how to stop it with a simple kitchen appliance)

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