PC 005: How To Work A Room – Advice For Coaches

PC 005: How To Work A Room - Advice For CoachesIf you’re looking to quickly build your coaching business, there is no better way than public speaking. Not only can you reach multiple prospective clients at once, you also have the power of an “in-person” experience, which is something that can’t be replicated online.

Is it the right opportunity for you?

Emi Kirschner has built her coaching business through networking events and public speaking gigs. In this episode of ProCoach Podcast, she talks about connecting with people both one-on-one and in group situations.

In This Episode:

  • The commonality between all “networking events”
  • What you need to know (and have ready) before you attend a networking event
  • How to bring up your coaching services during conversations at networking events
  • Making sure you don’t “attack” potential clients with info about your coaching
  • How to determine is a potential coaching client is ready to work with you?
  • Questions to ask potential coaching clients
  • Are you judging your coaching clients? Seriously… Be honest!
  • Coaching surprises — the good and the bad
  • How to have the confidence when selling your coaching services (even when you’re nervous on the inside)
  • The way to look at sales, so selling your coaching services doesn’t feel “icky”
  • Where (and how) coaching sales are made
  • Speaking? How to get more bookings…
  • Selling your coaching services during a speaking presentation
  • Advice for brand new coaches to build their coaching businesses

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