PC 004: The Best Way To Get New Coaching Prospects

PC 004: The Best Way To Get New Coaching ProspectsWhat if you could get in a room with hundreds of potential coaching clients at one time? That could transform your coaching business…

What if you got paid for it?

It’s possible. On this episode of ProCoach Podcast, I talk to coach Alyson Garrido about how she’s reaching out to potential coaching clients through free and paid workshops.

In This Episode:

  • Alyson’s #1 job as a coach (HINT: It’s the same as your #1 job as a coach)
  • How Alyson views her coaching clients
  • Why people hire Alyson as a coach (and why they’ll hire you)
  • How Alyson uses “speaking” to get new coaching clients
  • Getting started in the speaking business
  • The way to transition people who are curious or “on the fence” about coaching to coaching clients who pay you money
  • When Alyson started as a coach, this is the first place she went to in search of new clients…
  • Establishing yourself as an expert in your niche (and an expert coach)
  • Using “community events” to establish yourself as a top coach
  • Where to practice your “coaching pitch”
  • The “five-part strategy” Alyson uses to get the attention of prospective coaching clients
  • What are you going to talk about at your speaking gig?
  • The YMCA — More than just a gym…
  • Should you speak for free?
  • How to get to know potential clients (to see if your coaching is a good match for them)
  • Selling from the stage… How Alyson does it.
  • The best way to sign people up for your email list (without being pitchy)
  • Should you charge potential clients for your initial coaching session?
  • Mindset — how important is it when selling coaching services?
  • Making sure you get paid for your coaching work
  • Where to look for paid speaking gigs
  • Nervous about speaking in front of people? How to handle that…

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