PC 003: Using Facebook To Get More Coaching Clients

PC 003: Using Facebook To Get More Coaching ClientsFacebook is a great way to waste time, but if you know how to use it, it can also be a great way to market yourself as a coach.

On this episode of ProCoach Podcast, Brian King talks about how he’s using Facebook to make connections with people and build his coaching business. His simple strategy can be used by any coach, including you!

In This Episode:

  • Starting conversations with potential clients on Facebook (and other social media outlets)
  • How to move conversations from Facebook to places that are more conducive for selling your coaching services
  • Discussing “private and sensitive issues” with potential coaching clients
  • The challenges of “imposter syndrome”
  • Empathy — why it’s so powerful in getting new coaching clients (and how to show it)
  • The best way to attract new coaching clients
  • A coaching lesson from Steve Martin
  • Why “sharing information” about what you do on Facebook isn’t enough when it comes to getting new coaching clients
  • “Noise” on social media (and how to avoid it)
  • The best way to get people to take your coaching advice
  • Trolls on social media (and how not to get sucked in)
  • “Explaining” – How it can help you to get more coaching clients
  • The power of journaling for coaches
  • Using Facebook Live to get coaching clients
  • How long should you work with coaching clients?
  • “Instant Success” for coaching clients and how to use it
  • Using podcasts to market your coaching business
  • Don’t have a podcast? How to get interviewed on podcasts (even podcasts that aren’t about coaching)
  • How to prepare for podcast interviews
  • Getting attention for your coaching business – how to get better at doing it

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