Nine to Five Nemesis

When I was working as an engineer, it wasn’t so much the job that I disliked. Nor was it the people. Nor was it my fairly roomy office with a generally cheerful officemate.

It was the clock.

Clock reads 8:35am. It was time to get some work done. I’d sit at my desk and open my latest project. Look at the clock. 8:37am. I’d debate whether or not it was worth taking the risk of playing a game of Minesweeper and having my boss walk by. Risk assessed and worth taking. Open up game of Minesweeper and lose with 20 mines to go. Look at the clock. 8:40am. How many more Minesweeper games would it take to make it to 5 o’clock, I’d wonder.

The clock was my nemesis at the office. It was always plotting against me. From the moment I arrived at my desk, that clock discovered a way to slow down time to the most long-drawn-out trickle. The hands along the clock face would inch along at an insanely sluggish pace, mocking me with their unique understanding of the relativity of time and space within that office building that I never understood.  My frustration would mount when I walk from my office to the lab and the lab clock would be five or ten minutes behind, which meant that my GPS location within the building itself would determine the exact amount of time in-between myself and the 5 o’clock hour.

Some people are not meant to work a job. I am one of them. Even though I was a great student and a smart person, I am a terrible employee. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. I was getting paid $50k+ a year to play computer games, chat with co-workers and brainstorm my next business venture that would take me away from my nine-to-five hell.

Today, being self-employed has its own unique set of challenges and is by no means easy, but it’s a better fit for me in the end. The clock has sped up to a must faster pace and I feel something that I rarely felt within the four walls of the office—happy. I feel happy. Even when times are hard, clients are few and far between, and my bank account needs to be put on life support, I have an inner sense of joy that I never experienced in a job.

If you’re not meant to work a job, you know it. You know it deep down in your gut and this means that it’s your purpose in life to express yourself and your talents in another way. So start expressing, my friend!

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