How to Get Started Guest Posting

When you first start a blog as a component of your small business (whether your business is online or offline), it can feel like you’re a tiny island in a sea of massive, superior, more influential continents. You work incredible hard to post useful and relevant content for your readers (because content is king!) and then you’re borderline heartbroken (though you would never admit it) that no one ever reads it.

Being an island on the Internet is not a fun place to be. You pour your heart and soul into a great blog post assuming that the right people out there will find it (and love it), only to discover that you’ve created more of a “message in a bottle” post that maybe a few people discover through mere chance.

The problem is that there’s kind of a Catch-22 with new blogs—you have to produce great content in order to make an impact and retain a substantial group of followers, but you want to have a substantial readership in order to spend lots of time, effort and energy creating great content.

When I interviewed SEO specialist Chris Turner last week, he talked about the importance of building quality links back to your website, which can help you overcome this annoying Catch-22. These links act as “bridges” to your tiny island. And when you set up enough of these bridges by creating more and more relevant links from quality sources pointing back to your website, this will do 2 things for you…

  1. It will rank your website higher in Google
  2. It will send traffic and readers from these other sites to your website


Now, instead of being an isolated island adrift in the ocean, you’re fully connected to the mainland. Overtime, you can even grow and develop and become a major continent of your own.

But now the question becomes: How do you start bridge building??

guestblogOne easy way to get started is through guest posting on other popular blogs.

I like to think of it like this…

Say, for instance, that I started a business in which I designed and created my own line of jewelry. If I set up my website and try to sell my jewelry from my “tiny island” in the very beginning, I probably wouldn’t get much traffic (if any) and sales would be very few and far between. Without a doubt, it would be frustrating…I’d put all this love and effort into my work and no one would seem to care.

But instead, I could take a different approach. I could set up a shop on Etsy or sell through popular online retailers. Basically, I could work to feature my jewelry on websites that ALREADY get a ton of traffic (and link back to my site) instead of trying to build traffic on my own from scratch. This will have a huge impact expanding my customer base and making more sales.

This is the same with your great blog content—if you post it on other websites that already get a lot of traffic, you will…

  1. Make a greater impact
  2. Reach more people
  3. Build relevant links back to your site
  4. Increase your blog’s readership
  5. Expand your customer base
  6. Add more value
  7. Become the authority in your niche


Sounds like what we are all looking for, right?

Here’s how to get started guest posting…

  1. Find a popular website to guest post on that’s related to your niche (this is the BEST source I have found for finding websites to submit guest posts:
  2. Read the guest posting guidelines (and make sure that you can post a link back to your website as part of your guest post)
  3. Study the blog to see what their readers might like to learn from you
  4. Submit your original content in the manner they require in the guidelines
  5. If your guest post gets published, promote it from your own blog and on your social media sites


Keep in mind that guest posting is a long-term approach to building links back to your site and growing your readership, but it does work well when you are consistent about it.

Good luck and happy blogging!

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David Hooper - 5 years ago

Great advice. Love the analogy of links being tiny bridges. Just started a new blog and am looking for ways to bring more people to it, so I’m going to start building!! 🙂

    Laurel Staples - 5 years ago

    Hi David! Thanks for the comment. I checked out your new blog and love it! You definitely won’t have trouble bringing people to it. 🙂

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