Original Business Ideas Aren’t Necessary

When my friend started studying to become a lawyer years ago, she suddenly became aware of the huge number of lawyers in town. There were hundreds of them—divorce attorneys, criminal lawyers, corporate attorneys, and the list goes on. She felt deflated wondering if she’d ever be able to get a job or sustain a successful practice with all of the competition. When she asked her mentor about all the lawyers, he said, “There’s always room for another good one.”

This is the case for business as well. You don’t have to have a unique or original idea to be successful.

For example, if you want to start a blog about being vegan and there are ten blogs on veganism when you Google it, you might think at first, “Well, I guess that’s already been done so I have to think of another idea.”

Wrong! The truth is that no one will ever be able to do a vegan blog exactly the way you will. In other words, you are going to be able to connect to certain people in a way that these other blogs can’t. Just because it’s you who are doing it.

If you needed an original idea to follow your passion, then the world would be a boring place. There would only be one lawyer, one musician, one cookbook, one sculpture, one clothing brand, one ice cream shop, etc. Obviously, that is not the case—there are thousands of each of these! Why? Because no one can do it exactly the way you can.

You don’t have to have an original idea to start a business or follow your passion, but you do have to present your idea in a unique way if you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd and to connect with your specific tribe.

If you are starting a vegan blog and want it to be different from the ten others vegan blogs out there, you first want to pick a target market. Who are you speaking to? Who’s interested in what you do? Who needs your expertise? Here are some ideas:

  • Your recipes might have a certain twist that inspires meat-eaters to cook more vegetables
  • Your step-by-step photos could help the culinary-challenged learn how to cook simple and healthy meals
  • Your writing could speak to moms who are trying to make better choices for their kids


Now, all of sudden, you are offering something distinctive that’s going to set you apart from the crowd. You’ve found your niche. Then you can easily reach people who love that particular niche and your business will thrive.

When you’re truly passionate about something, there’s always room for you to express yourself in this world. Whether you want to be a chef, singer, painter, landscaper, marketer…there’s always room for another good one.

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