Does Your Website Have What it Takes to Sell Your Services?

A picture does not say 1,000 words. If that was the case, my first coaching website would have been War and Peace.

Yep, on my first coaching website (back when I was a health coach), I got caught up in what I call “Pretty Website Syndrome.”

Is my website pretty? Does it have a visually appealing design? Is the color scheme the right blend of neutrals with a splash of color? Will the carousel of 15 rotating photos of women exercising and drinking green smoothies spark a positive feeling in my visitors?

Hell yes my website was pretty. It was the prettiest dang coaching site on the Internet. It was like WordPress and I had given birth to an stunning Angelina Jolie cyber baby. It was so pretty, I was getting compliments right and left (no joke)…

  • “Laurel, who did your website? It looks awesome!”
  • “Your website is beautiful.”
  • “Wow, I am so impressed with your website!”

Oh, stop. I’m blushing. Really.

This was all fun for a while, but unfortunately, 20/20 hindsight requires that I call B.S. on myself.


Because “pretty” doesn’t matter if there isn’t any real substance to back it up. “Pretty” doesn’t compel prospects to pick up the phone and call you. “Pretty” doesn’t pre-sell your coaching packages or speak to your client’s deepest desires.

Just like that pretty blonde girl with the big boobs in 7th grade—sure, she got all the boy’s attention, but could she sell a snow cone to a lost traveler in the Sahara desert? Probably not.

What I eventually realized is that the people who were complimenting my website were NOT my ideal clients. Nope. The people who thought I had a great website were other COACHES (who wished their websites were pretty, too). But that didn’t help me AT ALL at the time.

You can’t make money off compliments. You can only make money when you sell something.

Once I started learning more about marketing, it became clear that just having a “pretty” website wasn’t good enough. Yes, my “Paris Hilton of websites” looked fantastic, but that’s about all it did. All body, and no brains.

One of the top myths about business websites is that “design is everything.” In other words…that a fantastic looking website is all it takes to attract new client, sell your services, and make you tons of money. That’s just hype. Sure, design is one factor in creating a great website for your business, but it’s not the most important factor if you want your website to work for you…

Your website is the ONLY tool you have that can work for you to sell your services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So, now’s the time to take a good hard look at your website and ask yourself these questions…

  • Is your website working as a SALES TOOL for your business? Is it helping you get more clients? Is it pre-selling your services? Is it helping you grow your email list of prospects?
  • OR is it just a pretty filler page acting as a pedestal for your bio and headshot?

For me, the turning point was when I stopped worrying about being “pretty” and started focusing on writing great copy on my website. In other words, I stopped asking the question, “What does my website look like?” and started asking myself, “What does my website SAY?”

Only then was I able to turn my website into a powerful sales tool – it started to do the hard work to pre-sell my services, making sales conversations with new clients a breeze.

Instead of prospects asking, “Can you explain what you do again?” they began asking, “How do I pay you? When can I get started?”

The Result = My life got a lot freakin’ easier.

What does your website SAY?

A picture doesn’t say 1,000 words, but great wording can make you $1,000’s. Remember that.

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