Create Your Magnetic Mini Pitch

Nothing’s worse than trying to tell someone what you do as a coach, and they totally don’t “get it.” And you can tell they don’t get it because they flash a confused smile and then throw out some lame 1-word statement like “cool” or “interesting.”

But you know if they really GOT IT– if they really understood the amazing, life-changing benefits of what coaches do–they’d be begging you to learn more, right?

What many coaches mistakenly try to do in this situation is figure out a way to explain coaching better. But this doesn’t get them anywhere. The real secret to effectively communicating the value of coaching and having people hang on your every word when you tell them about your business is to craft (what I call) a Magnetic Mini Pitch.

That’s exactly what I’ll be helping you do in this video….

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What you shouldn’t say when someone asks you the question: “What do you do?”
  • The simple 3-step formula to creating your own Magnetic Mini Pitch
  • Examples of effective mini pitches for your coaching business
  • What people are actually wanting to hear when they ask you about your business


This video was originally published on the International Coaching Federation blog. Click here to view the original post.

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