Welcome to ProCoach Client Formula!

It’s official … You’re enrolled!
I’m so excited to have you as a part of this amazing program

Laurel Staples - ProCoach founder

I commend you on the commitment that you’ve made to yourself to create the life and the business that you want through enrolling in this program. You can rest assured that you’re in the right place and in good company.

During the following 90 days, you’ll learn how to build a robust online Client Funnel that will allow you to land clients on demand and start making predictable income as a coach. This is your moment to shine! To thrive. To stop playing small and start playing BIG. And to become a professional, productive and prosperous coach. And I’m super excited to be on this journey with you!

Next Step:

Check your inbox for 3 emails from me (Laurel). One of the emails will let you know how to access online training dashboard…so be sure to follow the instructions to confirm your email address and set up your password when prompted.

Once you access the PCF dashboard, you’ll see the Getting Started Guide which will provide you with everything you need to get started in this program. So have fun diving in and if you need anything, let me know!! – Laurel

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