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The Return Of ProCoach Podcast

Have you ever had a friend who started dating somebody and completely disappeared from your life? Then, when thing go south with that relationship, your friend comes back? This is a little different, fortunately, but there are a couple of similarities… And the good news is that ProCoach Podcast is back! In This Episode: The […]

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PC 024: Top Methods for Getting New Clients

We’re doing more Q&A this week and answering questions from the members of the ICF community. This question comes from Michelle Bakjac in Adelaide, Australia. She asks: What is the top way coaches can bring more clients into their businesses? That’s the million dollar question for coaches, right? How do you get more people to notice […]

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PC 020: Choose Your Perfect Niche

Before you do ANYTHING else to market your coaching business, you need to choose the perfect niche and decide what you’re going to specialize in. If you’re wanting more clients, it might seem counterintuitive to narrow down your focus and only work with a certain group of people, but this will actually allow you to land more clients and […]

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