Ascending into Self-Employment


There’s a lot of it when you want to quit your job and step out into the unknown world of self-employment. It’s like journeying into the part of the map where the land drops off and the dragons and sea monsters rule. You have to have your wits about your to steer your life in that direction because chances are that it won’t always be smooth sailing.

Fear is a companion in the journey of the entrepreneur. Some say it’s good to have fear. Some say it’s bad. I say that it’s just a part of the process.

To me, when fears pop up, it’s just a sign that I’m moving forward in life. If I felt all hunky-dory all the time, that would mean I was stagnant on some level—in my life, my work or my relationships. It would mean that I’m not striving for something higher or better than what I have now.

Think about it this way…when you are hiking on a flat paved trail, you might feel pretty comfortable. The scenery is nice, the walk is easy, and you feel like you’re getting somewhere. But all you’ll see is tree after tree and nothing ever changes around you (or inside of you) along this comfortable path.

On the other hand, if you are hiking up a mountain, you wouldn’t feel as comfortable. The hike is strenuous, the terrain is changing and your progress is much slower. Sometimes you don’t even feel like you’re getting anywhere because the path isn’t well marked. This is the “fear” trail. But even though this trail is harder, it’s taking you higher. With each step, you’re ascending into the life that you want and leaving your old life behind. As you climb higher on the mountain, your perspective changes. When before you could only see trees, now you can see for miles above the trees. And with each new day, you’re becoming stronger, faster and smarter so you can tackle the next part of the trail ahead of you.

Entrepreneurs take the mountain trail. It’s not as easy as clocking in 8 hours a day. It’s not as comfortable as receiving a regular paycheck. There are fears and cliffs and dragons along the way.

But the view from up here is amazing. Won’t you join me?

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