10 Successful Coaches Share Their #1 Tips for Getting Clients

When I first started my coaching business, I felt like I was doing a thousand different things to market myself and bring in clients…most of which were not super effective. I remember wasting entire months trying out marketing methods that didn’t pay off in the least. And it was not that I wanted to be spending 12+ hours a day doing all these things, it was just that at the time, I didn’t know what actually worked to get clients…so I tried everything. If someone had just told me: “Laurel, stop messing around and do this [fill in the blank] marketing method. It works” … then I would have saved myself a LOT of time in the beginning.

These days, as the founder of the ProCoach Academy, that’s the #1 question I get from coaches: “How do I get more clients?” Of course, that’s the exact question we answer here every day at ProCoach by helping coaches build the thriving businesses they desire…. But today, I decided to answer this question by asking 10 successful coaches:

“What’s your #1 tip for getting clients?”

So if you’d like to know what actually WORKS to grow your client base from other coaches who are out there doing it every day, read on…

Maria SerbinaMaria Serbina | Business Coach

“I found that having conversations about my business with my friends, acquaintances and even strangers grow my personal visibility, create awareness about my brand and build my expert status. You have to talk about your business with everyone offline and online. I found my best clients from simple conversations about my coaching. Remember, you are your own marketer who creates visibility about your business. Create serious Google presence. 88% of your prospective clients will check information about you and your business online. If they can’t find you in 3 seconds you are non-existent for them.”

Maria Serbina is the author of “If I Can’t Find You in 3 Seconds You Don’t Exist: Being Findable Online for Ultimate Visibility & Profits” and teaches entrepreneurs how to get more visibility, exposure and credibility online. MariaSerbina.com

Neil Bondre | Interview Coach

“Client referrals have been my biggest source of new clients because… (1) Clients saw immediate improvement in themselves and wanted to share it with others, (2) Clients received a small discount on future consultations so it was also financially driven, and (3) By referring my service to new clients, the existing clients have stayed committed because now their word is also on the line. These warm introductions have led to better clients since expectations have been set and I no longer had an uphill battle to climb to prove myself
to them. Word of mouth is slightly slower growth but it is more organic and it will lead to a stronger customer base.”

Neil Bondre is the Founder of The Interview Professional and has been coaching and mentoring students for almost a decade now throughout the entire interview process. theinterviewprofessional.com

Jennifer Coleman | Life Coach

“Find ‘your people’—a small network of other professionals who understand what you do and can refer clients you. Holistic care professionals such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and counselors are in my network community. This is a great group for me because people who are willing to try alternative care are generally dedicated to living the best life they can and are open to change. Once you have clients coming in the door, they themselves become your best referral source!”

Jennifer Coleman is a life coach based out of Davidson, NC who provides present-minded advice for clients. imagineintentionalliving.com

Milo ShapiroMilo Shapiro | Speaking Coach

“While I may not get quite as many leads as I’d like, my closing rate on incoming calls is extremely high. Even though folks calling didn’t know my rates before calling in, I get about 70% of them to book by the time we are off the phone. What makes the difference? Extended, undivided attention on that first call. I try to find out more about them on Linked-In and their company website (if the email gives that away) before the call and then I get ready to talk about their fears, concerns, and hopes around speaking before I talk about my methods and packages. It’s much harder to hang up on a vendor when he’s given you 30 minutes of his time before ever getting to rates.”

Milo Shapiro is a public speaking coach/trainer who works internationally from his home in San Diego. He is the author of “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!” improventures.com

Davida ShenskyDavida Shensky | Law of Attraction Coach

“My #1 tip for getting coaching clients is offering a Complimentary Coaching Consultation and sending out a monthly newsletter to my email list with valuable day-to-day tips. By building that relationship with prospects before they become clients—they’ve learned to know, like, and trust me, therefore, I become their most likely choice when they’re ready to hire a coach.”

Davida Shensky is the founder of Career Performance Institute, Certified Law of Attraction coach and Master Life Coach. She’s also the host of the radio show Live Without Limits on Blog Talk Radio. 1personalcareercoach.com

Meredith LiepeltMeredith Liepelt | PR Coach

“Many times, I have enrolled new clients simply by asking questions, listening to the needs that they express then share with them how I can help them. Sometimes it happens very organically in a face to face conversation. Other times I put out a call to action to my list asking to hear from people who are looking for a certain outcome then have the conversation over the phone.”

Meredith Liepelt owns Rich Life Marketing, a personal branding and PR consultancy based in Dublin, Ohio for personality-based businesses around the world. She is the author of “Own Your Star Power.” RichLifeMarketing.com

Carol Phillips | Wellness Expert

“My #1 tip is to truly listen to your potential clients. Determine what is bothering them the most regarding their health/life choices and help them envision how you will help them succeed in solving their problems. Our thoughts drive our behaviors. Therefore, clients need to feel confident that you understand their needs and are capable of improving the quality of their lives before they will hire you. Once you’ve gained a basic amount of trust, they will invest in you and your services.”

Carol Phillips is a Health and Wellness Expert and the award-winning author of “52 Simple Ways to Health.” She helps companies significantly reduce costs and increase productivity through a new approach to worksite wellness. healthdesignnh.com

Leanne Hoagland-SmithLeanne Hoagland-Smith | Executive Coach

“Education based marketing using the channel of quality content marketing continues to deliver to me clients because I become the credible authority within my target market. A posting on LinkedIn Pulse provides me one client per article within six months. Other articles on my blog through online journals such as Worldwide Coaching Magazine reinforce my credibility and expertise.”

Leanne Hoagland-Smith is the People and Process Problem Solver for forward-thinking leaders experiencing excessive growth. For the last 18 years, Leanne has guided executives who want to challenge and change the status quo. processspecialist.com

Andrew ArgueAndrew Argue | Digital Marketing & Sales Coach

“You need to have a method to generate consultations, which is where you try to close prospects. For most people, in the beginning, this is almost 100% from connecting with people, via LinkedIn. Once connected, send them a series of 4 personal emails to set up a consultation.

You should easily be able to scheduled 5-10 consultations per week by just connecting with 10-15 people per week day. This is the method I used to go from $0/mo to over $10,000/mo recurring revenue in less than 90 days. Over time, you should generate referrals, and inbound leads through forms on your website, articles you post around the web, and advertising campaigns if you can afford it. But there are really only two metrics that matter in the early days of a consulting/coaching business: (1) How many people are you reaching out to to schedule consultations per week? (2) How many consultations are you performing per week? You need to be intentional about the sales calls but that comes with practice and experience!”

Andrew Argue is a Digital Marketing & Sales Coach helping small businesses, consultants, accountants, and coaches move the needle to drive new accounts and significantly grow their businesses.  andrewaruge.com

Linda Murray Bullard | Personal Development Coach

“My best clients have come to me from referrals. These referrals have been from decision makers who saw my work. When an applicant presented our resume or a client who had a wonderful experience with one of the interview coaching sessions they tell someone else or begin to refer their families and friends to us. Word of mouth seems to trump any other marketing tool used.”

Linda Murray Bullard is a Personal Development Coach who helps forward thinking individuals with mock interviews, resumes, job preparation and career path designs at LSMB Business Solutions, LLC. getthebusiness.org

Subomi MacaulaySubomi Macaulay | Executive Coach

“I found my best clients in church because people are there to gain spiritual empowerment and thus more receptive to addition empowerment advice. The best marketing methods that work for me are FREE Seminars that are offered every single month. My #1 method for getting clients has to be a Power one-on-one where I get to know the person first and then develop a business relationship and see how I can help them grow their business.”

Subomi Macaulay is a full-time coach, seasoned Trainer and Motivational Speaker with a “unique portfolio of skills,” honed over several years in leadership positions within the Corporate and Real Estate Arenas. Her key to success is persistence, patient and problem solving.

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