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Thank you so much for creating this training and making it available for free. Wow, what a great tool! I wish I had done the exercises sooner. It was a serious reality check. I have been in guerrilla warfare marketing mode for months. Bombs everywhere that never hit their actual target. It has exhausted me, stressed me out, and lowered my confidence because I felt like such a marketing loser. It would have saved me a ton of wasted time and energy to have a more structured and focused marketing strategy in place like you provide here. Thank you!!”
—Jennifer Schmid, Wellness Coach

“This training has been an extremely valuable resource to help me get more clients.”

“This training has been an extremely valuable resource to help me grow my coaching business and get more clients. Even though I’ve been coaching for a while, I’m easily overwhelmed with all of the ways to market myself, and this training helped me focus in and utilize my strengths so that I get the most out of my limited time and resources. Following this strategic approach to marketing you provided has given me the confidence to take some big steps to build my coaching business that have paid off many times over in a short period of time!”
—Marie McKinney-Oates, Marriage Coach